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Default Tells

Anyone got any good stories about tells? Last Friday there was a $25 no limit buy in tournament in someone's garage and during the day I found a site with Mike Caro's videos about tells( ). Sure enough, watching these videos won me alot of money that night.

After being low stacked all tournament I had just gotten back into the hunt. With about 5 people left, I raised in early position with a pair of 9s. The player to my left went all in with 10%-15% less chips than me. Needless to say I would have been crippled if I had lost this one. This is a player who HATES going all in (at least he hates calling them) and is very tight so I was very much pondering folding but I took my time.

I counted out my chips to pretend like I was about to call to see what he would do. I sat there and thought about it for about 15 seconds and was about to fold when he said "I'll show you a card if it helps you" and showed me the ace of spades. I immediately looked at him and smiled and said "I Call".

He flipped over Ace 2 of spades and I went on to split first place ($140). He asked me why I called and (mistakenly) I told him why. In general, anytime someone "accidentally" or even deliberately shows you a card, if that card is strong his hand is weak, if it is weak (i.e. a 10) he probably has two of them.

Just keep in mind WHY your opponent does things and what it is intended to do. If you are counting out chips and he does something to make you want to fold, he is trying to stop what you are currently doing. If you are tapping your cards on the table with a pained look on your face about to fold and he says something that makes you think he has nothing, then he is trying to get you to call.

Here is a link to the one describing this.
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