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Default Play this hand for me...a cautionary tale.

I'm in the middle east, and the guys I play with are all contracters of some sort who make 100k+ a year, mostly tax free.

The home game is ridiculously soft. Blinds are 2/5 dollars. It's not unusual to have 40-50 dollar preflop bets called by the entire table and take 8 people to the flop.

I try to see most unraised with anything suited and close enough to play together. I don't call much, mostly raise or fold.

This particular night the cards are holding, My top pair/top kicker type hands are holding up all the way and milking a lot of profit I'm picking my battles pretty wisely, and my reads are on.

Villian has the button. I'm immediately to his right.

Preflop five players limp in. I glance down at jd 8d and call.

Villian raises to 50 total.

Everybody folds around to me.

I call.

I'm feeling froggy, and it's obviously not a great call, but this guy has such a huge range, that it's possible I have him beat preflop. He's not the smartest, but he always raises more often with the button in position than without. Either way, I love taking flops with him because he simply won't fold some hands.

Flop comes Ac 9s 10h.

Villian is a larger gentleman and he becomes visibly agitated by this flop. I put him on a AK or AQ at this point.

I check.

Villian reaches for chips, restrains himself and then checks as well.

Turn brings 7c and my nut straight.

I know that the villian will bet. I know I can raise and he'll call. I'm just trying to narrow his range down a little before I do anything.

Villian bets 75 at the pot which is now 100. I can tell he just can't wait to get more chips in the pot. This leads me to believe he thinks he's so dominating he can milk me (this guy bets hard and fast with AK or AQ in a situation like this.)

I know that the villian would never raise just 50 dollars if he had AA, 10 10 or 99 preflop. He'd make it at least 65-90 depending on the hand.

The villian was very happy to see the flop he did, which indicates he was slightly worried preflop when I called. This leads me to believe he has A 10.

Here's the funny part. I know this guy, and I know when he gets like that he can't WAIT to get more money into the pot. He's just ACHING to get more money in the pot. The more I think about it, the more I'm certain I can get him to call off his entire stack into this pot.

I donk raise his 75 with an all in that puts him in for 1289 total.
Keep in mind, before I raised, the pot was at 200 or so and that INCLUDES his turn bet.

Villian insta-calls me before the words are out of my mouth.

I turn over my nut straight. He turns over As 9c for the top and middle pair.
One of the players at the table mentions he folded a 9d so the villian is drawing thin.

River is 9h giving villain 9's full of A's.

Villian scoops 2700 dollar pot.

In my position, with my reads, and my hand. Would you do anything differently?

The reason this is bugging me is that I could have just flatted him, waited for a river, and saved a lot of money. But my thinking was, I have the guy better than 10-1 against committing his entire stack on what was a 200 dollar pot....

Now, I should mention. I DON'T make 100k a year, and 2700 dollars represents approximately 3 weeks of salary for me post-tax.

2nd question is this: What do you guys do to cool down after a beat like that?
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