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Default Floor Ruling?

I was playing in Helsinki, Finland at the Grand Casino 1/2 Euro NLHE.

I was in seat 7 and the villian in Seat 5 bet xx preflop. I call along with 2 other players. I'm holding a weak suited ace.
flop comes A 8 5 I have top pair with a crappy kicker and no possibility of a flush. The villian is in almost every hand and almost always C bets the flop. I'm pretty sure I'm good right now but I'm along for the ride. He bets and it's folded around to me. I call by tossing in my chips in and wait for the turn.
I'm not very vocal because although most Finns speak english, they still play poker in mostly Finnish. I don't speak Finnish.

Villian glances over at me, and tosses his hand into the muck. The dealer is dealing the Turn at this point. it's another 8.

At this point the villian expresses his suprise that I'm still in the hand and reaches for his discards, both of which are mucked, but barely touching the muck pile. Point is it seems the villian had a brain fart and mucked thinking I folded.
His cards hit the outter edge of the muck pile. There was no doubt they were his cards, but they were touching the muck.

Villian retrieves his mucked cards. I call foul and ask ask for the floor boss.

Villian is insisting he didn't mean to fold....I'm insisting that it doesn't matter he folded when his hand hit the muck pile...Floor boss is trying to keep our raised voices down.

In the end, the floor boss "resurrects" the hand that was mucked. I am NOT happy at all and I am vocal about it. Call me a bitch, but there's posted rules that were just violated by the f'n floor boss. I don't even care about the money anymore, I'm more concerned with winning the argument.

Villian looks at me, looks at the 8 that came on the turn. Looks back at me, smiles and goes all in and he's got me covered.

I'm steaming and fold.

Anyway. I go to discuss things with the floor boss, he explains that they get new players all the time in who make mistakes and they tend to be relaxed with the rules that are posted if it wasn't intentional. I gather my things and leave because I was so steaming and no matter how right I think I was, they just didn't see things my way.

I'm still convinced that I'm right. At the least, when they resurrected the villians hand they should run out the hand with no betting. What's your take on this?

What's your experience with this type of thing?
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