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Default Am I allowed to raise here?

At our monthly house game of poker, the following situation has occurred a couple of times and one of the relatively new players is saying that I can't raise

Without remembering being in a similar hand online or at a casino I couldn't comment if it was true or not.

Seat 1 me - 1000 chips
Seat 2 bob - 250 chips
Seat 3 Fred - 1000 chips

Blinds 50/100

Me - raise to 200
Bob - goes all in with 250
Fred - calls 250
Me - ?

Now what the one guy is saying is that I am not allowed to raise here. Let's say I wanted to raise to try and get Fred to fold pre-flop. I wouldn't be allowed. I have to call or fold

Is this correct?

Having only played home games for the past two years, I really can't remember the rules here to contest.

In the end we decided that house rules were that I was allowed to raise.

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