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Default "Total Debits:" $2,453

Sup DUDES haha. Thank god its friday right. I read through your relevant response KC in my other thread, it obviously hasn't sunk in yet but, it sure as hell makes reasonable sense.

So last week I got paid, deposited 50, lost, deposited 50, lost, deposited 50, lost, deposited 50 lost. So I was down 200 by Sunday. Against reason I redeposited, and hit some hands at NL100:

Me: 78 off
Opponent: AT off (in hindsight)

Im BB, opponent is in mid position, he raises 3.50, someone calls, I call.

Flop: A 9 6 rainbow

I check to the raiser who has 100+ chips, he bets like 12 and change, I actually went all in here. Even I admit it's a losing play, and you'll probably reprimand me for saying that I sort of knew it was going to play out like this:

The guy called and the board runs:

A 9 6 5 2

I turned the nuts and had about 114 in chips.

Few hands later table folds to SB, who has 100, and I have a little over 100 with KK, he raises to 3. I 3bet to 10, he 4bets to 22, then I shove immediately. He flips over AA.

Board: 6 K 6 5 7

I have 197 at NL100. It felt really good, because I got a good chunk of the cash I worked for back.

I switched back to small games like NL25, and failed as usual, and then rebought back into NL100 with 50. I managed to grind up to around 75, when I get A9 spades in an earlier seat. I call, someone raises ahead of me as usual, and I call.

Flop: A 8 Q all diamonds.

I check, he bets pot, like 7 and change.

Turn: A 8 Q 9 all diamonds.

I check, he bets pot, 23, I call.

River: Ad 8d Qd 9d 9 of clubs

Don't really need to go into much detail in what was going through my head from flop to river, other than that I assumed the guy mustve either flopped a high flush or at least turned it, in which case I take his stack if I river a winning boat. Literally, as soon as the 9 was peeled I shoved, like within a second. He took about half a minute, but called, and I doubled my money again.

These were the main big hands that got me my cash back. But that's just it. I'm sick of losing money and then winning it back, and it's always the same process: success at big game, lose all the winnings at small game, go back to big game, reclaim lost money from small game, over and over again.

So referring back to the topic, the site im playing on keeps track of all transactions, and it says that the amount of money I've won and lost over the past few days totals to 2453.

I seek an explanation to the reason of this, and just how in the hell do I minimize those losses so that the wins are greater? I guess that's the key to winning in poker a basic question oh well.

Concluding this story, I have a pending withdrawal for 200 that I should get by Monday next week, and 63 bones in my poker account.

Now I have 63 bones to play with when I get back home, and I won nearly all my money back which I can't describe to you how satisfying it is, and even though I still haven't managed to turn a profit, I believe I've gained some valuable experience points from the 2k hands or so I've played in the past week.

Something else that I found interesting that you said that might tie into the whole win/loss thing, is this whole notion of playing for a certain amount of time as opposed to fixating on winning huge pots. The 63 I have left is the product of a 50 buy in at NL100 and btw, 50 is a big enough stack at NL100 in my opinion. It's 50 BB for one thing, and isn't the saying that less than 30 is danger zone? Also, I was losing my stack quickly calling 4-5 dollar preflop raises within my first 10 hands, trying to force it and push my luck so I could win fast and just cashout. I was down to 10 chips at one point, and somehow crawled back to 63 over about 100 hands. I looked at my stats, and it said out of those 100 hands, and that nearly hour of play, I only had the best hand at showdown 10 times. Good lord that's only 10%, I'm playing way more hands than I should be. Anyway, obviously once I hit 50 again from 10 I slowed down tremendously and ended up only playing like high pairs, and non surprisingly almost always took down like a 10-20 dollar pot with it. And what I noticed was that as long as I kept folding, the blinds didn't really hurt a 50 stack that much at those stakes, which is another thing I pointlessly fixate on especially when I come in short/semi short.

Have to cut it short for now too many managers walking around but if theres a 10k guaranteed running tonight ill buy into that for 20, and play the rest at cash tables most likely

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