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Originally Posted by balthazarr
great, just in time for the matches against Buffalo and Arizona, let's show them who the real tank-job is!
we got destroyed in the tank-game, I'll chalk this up to them having more experience in sucking. but hey, maybe something like this was needed to jump-start our team back up again?

Originally Posted by killcrazy View Post
Cooke seems to have regressed since heading out west? He'd cleaned up substantially towards the end of his tenure in Pittsburgh, but I'm seeing more and more what-has-Matt-Cooke-done-now threads of late.
he will always have a bad reputation but to be honest for the most part he plays a clean game. Scandella plays way dirtier and even Parise averages more PIM than Cooke. Of course there was the knee on knee incident against Colorado and everyone was quick to say "oh, cooke again! throw this guy out of the league!" even though it was his only serious slip-up I can remember in the last 2 seasons.

if the referees miss a suspendable penalty...shouldn't the referee get suspended without pay too?
no, many suspendable penaltys happen when the players know the ref is looking somewhere else.

Dubnyk is a perfectly serviceable NHL goalie.
I just don't trust goalies who are taller than 1.90. Some say the taller the better but I think there is a point where it affects your balance and agility. However he started out with a SO so I guess I'll stick by him for now.

The Minnesota Wild have prolific goalscorers?
some of them have even more than 12 goals!

I've heard complaints that Nino is being underused
having a 3rd line who can produce is a good thing but there was a point about two months into the season where Pominville and Vanek both couldn't hit an open barn door while Nino played like king midas on skates with a ridicoulus sht% of around 20. Yet he rarely got top6 minutes and never got promoted to 1st PP, even when other players were hurt it was usually Coyle who got the nod which made people believe that Coyle must have polaroids on Yeo because it made no sense at times. But Nino turned invisible for the last 10 games so I guess Yeo succesfully stifled that fire...

Originally Posted by killcrazy View Post
A lot of that comes down to having a somewhat inexperienced, weak coach who doesn't seem to be able to motivate the team. His rant at practise the other day was hilarious. He can't even get pissed off effectively when he's about to be fired.
to be fair, it really seemed like the players were durdling around there and I am not sure if I want him to go Torts-level angry but it is definitely questionable if he still reaches the team.

Feels like there is more to it than that. After several years, the first time things go against them they all fall apart? Not buying it. Goaltending aside, is it possible that Yeo is just getting outcoached? The Wild's system has been solved and he can't adapt?
maybe, it's hard for me to say without watching the games but when I look at the numbers like the game vs Chicago 8 days ago we have 44-20 shots on goal and lose 2-4 it feels to me like the system still works but the individual strenght isn't there at times.


What's your cap situation look like going forward? A couple of those young Dmen are coming off their cheapie contracts this summer, right?
I think most of them will still have contracts, I know Scandella, Spurgeon, Brodin and Dumba do. And we are still about 3m under cap so there should be some wiggle room.

Still, Minnesota have made me some money, though probably not for the reasons you would like. I have the over in their game tonight at 2.35, so that's a win.
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