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Default Betting top pair at the flop...

I was playing $1-$2 online for the first time and saw so many players where they didn't bet into the top pair on the flop with high cards like... A, K,Q, J,10,9 WHY?

They'd rather check and call a bet than bet the top pair to see where they are at...

My general rule is to bet my top pair to see where my hand holds up. Callers don't have me beat if i have a high kicker and raisers either have higher pocket pairs or trips...

But a majority of hands I've seen where someone has top pair after the flop it gets checked all around later to realize that someone had a top pair...

Is there something here I'm missing? Shouldn't you bet top pair in most cases unless you're drawing them into the Turn and the River for bigger bets?
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Yes, you are correct. Not betting top pair with a lot of runners is a very bad idea b/c it gives away a free card. My only caveat is that it is sometimes better to check raise with top pair (wait for button or close to it to bet, then raise in early position) in order to make it even more expensive to see the turn.
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