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Default NL amounts

When playing NL, what is a good rule of thumb for raises on premium hands and suited connectors before the flop? After the flop when you play the board how much should you bet if you feel you have the best hand but not the nuts?
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That's interesting... because if there was a rule, then everyone would know you had the best hand and not the nuts.

I'm not sure if there is a rule.

Raise the big bet amount or go all in.

If you're gonna raise preflop, you're telling people you have a good hand. Does the amount of money reflect how good of a hand you have? Maybe. Maybe not. And that's the beauty of NL.

So raise preflop the same amount you would raise if you were bluffing or had a mediocre hand and semi-bluffed.

It's all up to how you establish yourself as a raiser.

If you raised sometime in the game with a AK for 2xBigBet and it went to the river and they say your AA and it held up and you came in with AA on another hand and raised 2xBigBet you established you raised 2xBigBet with a big hand. If you are late position and you don't raise big with the best starting hand in Holdem... and slowplayed till the Turn because you know the other players aren't doing well on stack, you might lure their bets into the pot and have the big win without the big pre=flop raise.

It's situational...

Isn't it?

That's just my opinion.
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