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Default Long vs Short

Which is the prefered setting? Long handed play or short handed?

I've found I can really build a bankroll faster on short handed tables but have more opportunity to play better hands in short handed without touching my bankroll too often.

Long handed play I've found you can't be too creative. More people have the possibility of better hands, etc.

Short play you can play more hands and fewer people see the flop so you can be sure the other player doesn't have a dead hand too much.
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Yes, short handed requires more skill and you can win more, but the variance is higher. Since you can actually bluff and win at shorthanded, the pots tend to get big quick and you find yourself having to call down sometimes with second best pair on board. I almost never play longhand limit holdem- it's too boring. I'd rather just work at a Dairy Queen to earn that type of money.
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$1-$2 tables is boring!!! And I tend to go thru those slow nights where you're on the losing side of things because there's a good show on tv.

But when anyone focuses on the fish in these rooms and watches every single hand and analyzes them, I believe you can walk from the room a winner ($1 profit to $40+) during a session (1 hour+).

I watch every hand and immediately after the hand I look up the hand history to see who's doing what. That helps me analyze the play of the river callers to the tight players that raise preflop with a big pair.

If you're really conservative you might see yourself investing only $6 after 20 hands (betting the bilnds) and if your flop hits you have a great chance of winning if you bet right.

With 60 hands dealt per hour and if you play six top hands technically good you'll walk a winner.

Here's my play from last night.

I played a total of 11 hands in one hour.

These are the hands (not in order)

Bet $1 Fold after flop
Bet $1 Fold after flop
Bet $2 Fold
Bet $6 Lost @ River
Bet $7 Lost @ River
Bet $2 won $3.50 (net profit $1.50) stole the blinds
Bet $2 won $5.50 (net profit $3.50) stole the bilnds +2 calls
(note: last two plays were late position preflop raises with a A4 & 33)
Bet $6 won $18.50 (net profit $12.50)
Bet $6 won $14 (net profit $8.)
Bet $8 won $22 (net profit $14)
Bet $10 won $25.50 (net profit $15.50)

Total Net Profit: $38.00

As you see I didn't win every single hand I tried to play. I won 6 of the 11 pots I was in. But I folded at the turn on a few and believe that's the best discipline. Fold when your flop doesn't hit.

25 days of poker (one hour average a day) = $871 ($35 profit a day)

Note: I do not win every night if that's what you think. I went thru 3 bad nights of $50+ loses and other small loses here and there and this is not from just $1-$2 tables but from the $2-$4 and $3-$6 tables. The most I've won at a table is $120 at a $3-$6 table but now I'm strictly playing $1-$2 tables for a while where the most I've won has been $47)
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