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Default Bugsy's Club

Probably the best online poker site that you never heard of is Bugsy's Club. This site has the best looking and easiest to use client software anywhere. The attention to detail is way ahead of the other sites. For example, when a player folds with chips already in the table (for example, the small blind folds), those chips are immediately scooped up and placed in the appropriate pot. Very cool!

The client is so robust because it has been handling all of the play for Poker Pages and Poker School Online for several years. Sadly the same can't be said for the servers. Occasional server crashes and connection problems still occur, although it appears that this is occuring less often over the last two months despite increasing traffic. There used to be ridiculously long pauses for "balancing tables" in the multi-table tournaments, but this problem seems to be largely cured now.

(Two small multi-table tournament nits: 1) most tournaments have no built-in breaks; 2) there is no easy way to determine what overall place you are in with regards to your stack size unless you are the chip leader. You have to cycle through the listings for all of the tables to figure this out.)

For big events on Bugsy's and Poker School Online, the staff has been experimenting with providing internet-based radio-style commentary using the free Paltalk service. This idea has a lot of potential. I played in a "broadcast" event recently and it was a hoot. You could get a better sense of how the overall tournament was progressing -- especially the stacks of the most feared and noteworthy players -- and there was the added excitement when the commentators were announcing the play of hands that you were involved in. (Unlike TV broadcasts, the commentators do not know the player's hole cards.)

The other great thing about Bugsy's is the promotions. There is the usual 25% bonus for first time deposits and a very generous affilates program. There are also monthly "Leagues" for tournaments players and ring players with decent prizes. The best thing though, is the "Warmup" tournaments. Concluding today (August 30th) is the WPO warmup. The winner of today's round 3 event (which has 224 qualifiers) wins a free seat in the World Poker Open next January. Round 1 events were free and Round 2 events were only $7 (or free if you won your way in by placing in the top ten of a Round 1 event.) I managed to place 10th in a Round 1 event once (out of about 15 tries), but went out quickly in my free Round 2 tourney. Later I decided to pay $7 for a Round 2 event and, lo and behold, I won it for an immediate $201 prize and a seat in today's final.

The next big promotion has just been announced and starts on Monday. The structure is much the same except the free Round 1 events have been replaced by $1 tournaments and the Round 2 events are now $10. This promotion is the WSOP Warmup and three seats to the World Series of Poker (worth $10,000 each) are up for grabs.

I recommend that you give Bugsy's a try. You can grab the client at Poker Pages (which runs free play money tournaments using the same client) or at Poker School Online (which is discussed in a different forum) or by visiting the Bugsy's website (which happens to be one of the classiest looking poker websites around) at

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