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Default I got to be "that guy"

I finally got to be the lucky idiot that everyone hates last night. I was playing in my last Sit&Go of the night on pokerstars. It was kind of taking a while and I was getting tired and wanted to go to bed. I had already made it to third place and gotten my money back so I figured I'd start playing a little crazy.

The next hand I'm dealt is KJo. I said screw it and went all-in. I get called by QQ. I got one J on the flop and another on the turn to take the QQ down with 3-J's. Two hands later I look down at pocket 3's and decide to go all-in again. The same person I had just given the bad beat calls and turns over pockey 4's. Needless to say I got another 3 on the river to take her out completely. I kind of felt bad after that. I was completely dominated on two hands and managed to bust someone out on both.

A few minutes later I won the tourney when my K-10 beat the other guys Q-9. Not a bad deal. I wanted to get the Sit&Go over with but never expected the best way to do it would be to play like an ass and manage to win it all.

It was a good end to a good night. I played 3 Sit&Go's and placed 4th, 1st and 1st.
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