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I love playing at Partypoker but I've just about had it with multi-table tournaments. I've read the articles about them and in my opinion, it is mostly luck. I've had a 1st place finish, a 7th place finish and a 14th place finish, all total about $3,000....but the money I've spent in the last 4 months is rediculous.
I seem to do very well at the NL ring games, but I spend all my winnings plus more to enter the multi's.
Here's just an example of last night: I'm playing in a $30 buy in NL multi and doing very well. It's round 9 and I have about 9,000 in chips. I'm dealt TsJs and the flop comes AsKsQc. I have the nut straight and the turn comes 9s. Now I have the flush. I bet all in against one player, after about a minute of stalling, he calls. The river is an A, he's got AQ and beats me with the boat. According to the card simulator, I was an 82% favorite to win at the flop.
I'm still upset about it and I will not play in another multi. TOO much LUCK.
Okay I'm done crying, thanks for listening......
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One thing I try to stress is that tournaments are really just poker lotteries. While some professionals have made a lot of money at tournaments, they have a much higher luck factor than a regular game.
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Poker lotteries. I like that. I definitely feel the same way after my recent hard luck. In an online tourney on Wednesday, myself and another player went all in pre-flop. I had aces. He had kings. Flop was A-10-2 rainbow. At this point I was a 98 to 2 favorite, but the turn was a J and the river a Q, giving him a straight and knocking me out. This Saturday in a live tourney I caught A-K and after an A-7-7 flop, with no one representing 7's, and meyself being short stacked, I went all in. Everyone but the chip leader, who had at least 7-10 times the chips I had at the time, folds. Before he matches me, the chip leader says to me and the whole table that he's almost positive I have him beat, but wants to knock me out so he's going to risk it. He flips over K-Q offsuit. Again at this point I was a 98 to 2 favorite at the point where I was all in, but the turn was a J and the river was a 10, giving him a straight and knocking me out. After these two instances, it's really hard for me to agree with some people who say tourneys are a real good test of skill.
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