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Default home game

last night me and my friends were playing some NLHE...i was up around 80 dollars so i decided to try and buy a pot (i had 72 offsuit by the way)...flop came A38 and it was checked to i threw in 3 dollars....had 2 card was an A....someone threw in 50 cents (minimum bet) i raised it another 4 dollars....the small blind folded n the other person called....river was a 6....he threw in another 50 i raised it for another 5 dollars....he spent about 10 minutes pondering the call...then someone said he would bankroll him the 5 dollars if he lost (because everyone wanted to see what i had) of course he called and i ended up losing...he ended up pairing the 6 on the kinda pissed me off because i know he wouldn't have called if the person didn't say he would bankroll him....maybe if i put in at least 15 he would've backed off....
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Default Poker at home

Of course, you could always play a home game with friends nickle/dime/quarter limit....

The game... any kind of mutt imaginable. 7 card stud High Chicago, follow the bitch, anniversary (anniversary making the numerical date of their wedding being wild cards effectivley providing no less than 12 wild cards not to mention the card which follows a queen being wild until another queen comes up to renig the previous wild and change to the new wild. Hells bells bud, I have seen more Royal flushes hit the table in one night than I ever have anywhere else.... hmmmm.

I'd go on, but it isn't worth it. I'll only say that I enjoy the company more than anything else.

Be safe and well,
The Dawg,
Live a life worth reading about in the future.
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