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Default Was I really stupid?

I'd be grateful for your comments on this chaps. Should I of seen it coming? Were my raises wrong? Thanks.

Date, Time, TransactionNumber, Description, Game No, Table Name, Balance Change,Table Balance, FinalBalance
2004/02/20, 19:33:51, - ,Texas Hold'em, 26354851, MTT Table 3, -2,120.00, 0.00, 0.00

*** Export for: ColU_FC Game: Texas Holdem Game number: 26354851 ***
Date: 2/20/2004 7:32:33 PM
Game: 26354851: Table: MTT Table 3
Multiple Table Tournament No Limit 0.50/1.00
Rake: 0.00
Seat: 1 ColU_FC
Seat: 2 gtowntom
Seat: 3 MaDMaX88
Seat: 4 SalemWarlock
Seat: 5 Edith54
Seat: 6 Turtle17
Seat: 7 Kr1tiKal
Seat: 8 sotomayor
Seat: 9 bigmouth
Seat: 10 mntman3 (Dealer)

ColU_FC : Posts small blind 25.00
gtowntom : Posts big blind 50.00
MaDMaX88 : Folds
SalemWarlock : Calls for 50.00
Edith54 : Calls for 50.00
Turtle17 : Folds
Kr1tiKal : Folds
sotomayor : Calls for 50.00
bigmouth : Calls for 50.00
mntman3 : Folds
ColU_FC : Raises for 400.00
gtowntom : Folds
SalemWarlock : Folds
Edith54 : Folds
sotomayor : Folds
bigmouth : Calls for 375.00
ColU_FC : Bets 550.00
bigmouth : Calls for 550.00
ColU_FC : Went all-in 1,145.00
bigmouth : Calls for 1,145.00
ColU_FC : Went all-in
bigmouth : Checks

ColU_FC [ AC, AH, KC, 9H, 8C - One Pair ]
bigmouth [ KC, JC, 10C, 8C, 6C - Flush ]

ColU_FC Showed Cards
gtowntom Mucked Cards
MaDMaX88 Mucked Cards
SalemWarlock Mucked Cards
Edith54 Mucked Cards
Turtle17 Mucked Cards
Kr1tiKal Mucked Cards
sotomayor Mucked Cards
bigmouth Showed Cards (Winning) 4,440.00
mntman3 Mucked Cards

Community Cards
[ KC, 8C, 9H, 3S, 6C ]

Players Cards
ColU_FC [ AC, AH ]
gtowntom [ -, - ]
MaDMaX88 [ -, - ]
SalemWarlock [ -, - ]
Edith54 [ -, - ]
Turtle17 [ -, - ]
Kr1tiKal [ -, - ]
sotomayor [ -, - ]
bigmouth [ JC, 10C ]
mntman3 [ -, - ]

************************************************** ******
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Flop Artist
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Well up until the river I think you played it right....but once you got to the river I would have been very wary of the possible flush that this guys was chasing and caught....Unfortunately there are just times when you can just play a hand brilliantly and do everything in your power to get rid of the chasers, but if the chaser dares to brave the turn and the river for the few outs that he/she has then unfortunately this situation was unavoidable. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, and god knows we've all been there. Just don't allow this to get to you for you know the odds will eventually work in your favor and you will win enormous pots off these river rats. Good luck and happy playing.
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I wouldn't necessary call the other player a river rat in this situation ... he did have both the straight and the flush draw. In fact, using the Hand Simulator, the player with the JcTc was a 51.52% favorite to win this hand after the flop (Kc 8c 9h). After missing on the turn, he fell to a 31.82% favorite which is still quite playable since for the most part, all of his outs would give him the nut hand.

Personally I think you [ColU_FC] played this right. I imagine you figured he was drawing for either the straight or the flush [not both] and wanted to make him pay for it. Depending on the stage of the tournament, I might have not risked all of my chips at the turn, but I don't play much No Limit, so my opinion probably isn't so valuable.
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Seems fine, looks like the coin on the other guy's end, that's all
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Thank you all who have responded so far to this. I value your opinions, they help me learn.
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