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Default Sound Advice (SPEAK UP!!)

Ok, I'm getting ready to play my first live game ever. Yep ever, never been to Vegas and starting playing poker on the computer in NOV 03. It was never worth it for me to drive to northwest IN (live in IL) and play in a 10-20 ring game. I figured because I play so tight and there are much fewer hands it would be a waste of time. Also, I'll be spending money on food, gas and going to the city with buddies when it's done. Maybee this is wrong but thats what I figured. Anyways, (thanks to this site!!!) I confirmed Trump Casino is offering NL ring games on Wed and Friday. The blinds are 5 and 5. This seems perfect considering I don't want to bring over 1k and have the chance at a decent payoff (we don't speak of losses). Now to my point.......... I want to hear from ALL of the GOOD NL ring game players (don't care if you playing at 25 NL). If your making NL money please give me advice. Good advice!!!! The real stuff!!! No Fluff!!!! What hands do you play, position, how tight/loose, when go all in, etc. etc. etc. I play very little NL and need LOTS of sound advice. You guys are my like my "rat pack" (took that from WPT) of poker. I'm at this site 2-3 times a day!!! Oh and if no one comments, TWOGUN I know I can count on you.
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Play TOP hands only... JJ, QQ, KK, AA.. Make decent size raise preflop and if you miss the flop play cautiously and if you hit yer set... ALL IN... Bound to get called, jus my 2 cents....
Flop lotsa sets,

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I have played in that nl game..however, it was back around Thanksgiving. It was a 2-5 nl game then. And let met suggest to you before reading this that you should be prepared to lose at least $500 and probably should have some nl experience under your belt (play some $1-$2 nl or higher at least before playing in a $5-$5 game.)

From what I can tell, the game varies a lot. If there are a lot of shortstacks, expect people to be very nitty. It was ridiculous how tight-passive some of the people were. When they got AA, they would just go all in preflop, and pretty much fold otherwise.

However, there are a few live ones. Pay attention to the buy ins. If people are deep, you will have to play the game much differently than if people bought in short.

Short means the person is probably a nit who doens't wnat to lost more htan $200. A large stack can mean a pro or just someone who is very live. You must figure out these differences in order to win.

I have playedl nl live before several times at those levels and countless times online at that stakes. At that type of level, the type of people in the game will focus the pace. The blinds are too low for stealing to really earn you much, but they are high enough to where the game can be pretty big money if people are aggressive. A $5-$10 live no limit game I played ended up being a huge, huge game, with about 10X as much money flying around on average than the $2-$5 game I played at Trump.

If the people are passive, I suggest playing strong in position. Raise much more often when you are near or the button, so you can get a better idea of whether or not to bluff at the flop. Also raise with drawing type hands in position. If the game is nitty, they may let you sneak in for a weird gutshot or whatnot on the flop because they will check their top pair/set to you.Also, beleive them on their bets or raises. With hands like AK/AQ, raise preflop mainly in position, then bet the flop. If they call and there is no daraw on the board, I suggest checking the turn and seeing what's up on the river. Either you have them outkicked or they have a set. If htey go all in on the river, they probably have a set (unless tey're short). If they check, you have them outkicked and put in a value bet of 1/2-pot and extract some dough from them.

Again, if they are passive/nitty, they will not bluff much but will be willing to call small bets. They will only call big bets if the pot is very big or they have a very good hand. Thus, if you want to zap them for a big pot, either you have to get lucky and have a very good hand on theirs, or you will need to trick them into leetting you draw by raising in position and somehow stealing some free card that lets you draw to a big one. Otherwise, it'll just be winning a lot of small pots.

If the game turns out to be aggressive, play very trappy. Play pocket pairs a lot and check-raise your sets if possible. Play hands like AK a lot less and play AA/KK very aggressively preflop. I suggest raising preflop small/standard, hoping for a reraise, and then you rreraise about 1/3-1/2 yoru stack. Then put him all in on flop (unless you have KK and an ace flops). This is how I got paid off $500 when I had AA and another guy had QQ. Also, try to limp in as much as possible with weird, suited connectors, so maybe you will hit a weird full house or straight and get paid off a lot.

Again, these are just suggestions and you'll need to vary your play (one reason I did well in that game was because they never had any idea what I had or was doing). Use your own judgment when playing and have fun!
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I agree with everthing two gun said and disagree with only playing top pairs as live NL games progress slow and youll be lucky to see high pocket pairs more than 3-4 times while you are there. Doing that you will get bored, barely ever play, and probally end up overvaluing those hands when you get them and lose your whole stack.

Here are just a few tips ive picked up in my experiences both live and online (lower stakes though) NL

1. Always remember that in no limit there are two types of hands: Hands that win at the showdown and Hands that win at the flop. AA KK AK AQ (and maybe QQ) are hands that will usually win if you raise strong pre-flop and then overbet the pot on the flop (assuming nothing very scary flops like TJQ suited). If you get called...check it to them and see what they do.

2. If someone comes over the top of a big flop bet in a raised pre-flop pot you are probally dealing with trips or an overpair.

3. Don't re-raise a pre-flop raise unless you are prepared to take your hand all in

4. Put in a small raise pre-flop when you have a pocket pair just enough so that people with suited connectors will fold, people with big cards will call, and people with big pairs will reraise. If you trip up and end up showing down people will probally remember you do only do it once (unless you fold on the flop)

5. I will Limp in with any two suited cards that can hit the nut straight, and Axs...avoid hands like A10 KJ off outside of the blinds and late position and a lot of people have folded.

6. Never call to see a turn unless you are drawing to the nuts (or already have it).

7. Before you bet a made hand always ask yourself the following:

-How many possible hands are there that are beating me right now?
What is the likleyhood based on the action so far that someone has one of them?

-How many draws are there that would beat me?
What cards do they need? How much do I have to bet so they are getting bad odds to call?

8. With looking at your cards...either do it once and remember them the whole time, or religiously look at them every single time you act...otherwise there is a chance you might give something away.

9. If there are four cards to a flush or four cards to a straight on the board ALWAYS assume that someone else has the Ace or the high end unless you do.

10. If the board pairs any card 10 or above always assume someone has that too
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Awesome post TwoGun. I agree with everything and that is normally how I play no limit. The thing i have trouble with is the strange suited connectors your talking about. I love to play them, but I have trouble deciding what to do on the flop if I get a good draw. I've tried everything but I don't know what works best. Do I bet out hoping to bluff, or raise the value of the pot if I hit? Or do I simply check it down - if so, what size bet should I call if somebody else takes a shot at it. Of course it depends on the number of people in the hand and the size of the pot, but just wondering if you could give some general advice in this area.
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With suited connectors, you can generally either semi-bluff/play aggressively or just call and hope to hit.

If you bluff at it, generally you should do so b/c you think your opponents are weak and will not win much even if you do hit, so might as well just steal it. Another reason is to confuse your opponents about what you have.

To smoothe call, the bet must be fairly small in relation to your stack. Obviously, if someone puts you all in, you cannot call that, nor should you call a bet that is 3X the pot on the flop (the only exception is if you all are REALLY deep and the pot is very small.)
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