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Default 2 Bad beats in 10 man live tourney

K I just finished playing a 10 man live tournament, rebuys first hour buy-in $40 gets you 1000 tournament chip

Total tournament chips at the end 15,000

With 3 people left I have 5000 in chips
to the right of me is a guy with 4200 chips

I'm in second place and get dealt AA on the big blind.

Guy to the right bets 900 with blinds at 75-150 - after a dramatic pause I go all in and person quickly calls.

I show AA opponent shows A 7 Suited in diamonds
Back door diamond flush

30 min later I take my stack of 800 to 4000. Same person against me,

I get A 10, and triple the blinds to 600

guy calls

flop comes 10H, 10D, 7C

opponent is first to act and he goes all in, I quickly call

opponent show 53 diamonds
next card is a 6 non diamon and we all know how it ended, he hit a 4...

Runner runner and won,

2 Bad beats in30 minutes but I still walk away with 80 dollar profit,

After these two bad beats I really don't feel like playing
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Man that is brutal.
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