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2-5 pound at Intercasino (a pound is worth 1.9 dollars or 1.5 euros)

It's 3 handed. I have 500 pounds, a decent, predidictable player has 600 pounds (tends to do pot sized bets when he has it), and a sorta maniac/calling station(he'll bet 100 pounds into a 10 pound pot but tends to only do this on the river) has about 800 pounds.

I am dealt AKo in the big blind.

Dealer (maniac) calls, small blind (abc player) folds, I raise to 25, he calls.

Flop is AAK, so I'm dealt the stone nuts (unless a weird straight flush or something pops up). Pot is 52 pounds.

I check, maniac checks.

River is a 3 of hearts, so still only 3 clubs on boards. I bet 50, maniac raises to 200, I go all in, he calls, I win.

Turn is a 9 of clubs, there is now 3 clubs on the board. I check, maniac checks.
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He's definetly a maniac with a flop/bet like that. No much to say, other than I want one of those hands. TwoGun are you European?
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That must have felt really nice when you went all-in and he called! Yes, I want a hand like that too. So if you please could get a hand like that for me and the No. 1 Manchester United Fan Thanks!
When a man with money meets a man with experience, then the man with experience leaves with the money and the man with money leaves with experience.
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