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Default Curiosity

Don't know how else to title this...

Played a 5.50 SNG tonight. Made it to the money (woo, a whole 3.50 profit), but that's not what was curious.

What was curious was that in the 121 hands I played, I got dealt pocket 2's 6 times. Including back-to-back hands (which, surprisingly, I won).

By far that's the most times I've been dealt a pair (and maybe even one starting hand) in one tournament...

Can anyone relate, or should I seek help? ;)
When I cash, it's skill... but when I win, it's luck.
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I had the same thing happening to me with 44. The bad thing was, that out of the 5 times I god them, I never won once with them! I took it as a sign
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A few months ago, I kept a journal of every hold'em hand I decided to play. I recorded how the community cards fell, how much was bet, how many players, if I won or lost, and how much profit/loss I got from each hand. I did this to help decide my style of play and such...

So, in a one hour period, at a 2-4 limit hold'em table at paradise poker, I was dealt AA twice (won both times), KK five times (won three, lost one, folded once with an A on flop), 10 10 twice (flopped a set on both and won), 88 four times (flopped set once, folded the other three times), 33 once (flopped set), and AK once (flopped an A and a K).

So I played only these hands in that once hour period and no other hands. 14 pairs and AK once in an hour, and 4 flopped sets! I've never seen those kinds of cards since. Oh yeah, I made a nice profit in that hour also.
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I had AA today, flopped a set, then i had JJ thought that it would be hard to flop anoter set and i didn't, i flopped four of a kind :) 0.09% chance if you have pocketpairs.
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