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u are absolutly right winning 3 multis did take luck and i appreciate u giving me honesty... good luck in poker to u
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Originally Posted by cwboyup852
thats fine guys. u all just keep typing in your lame questions about 1/2 limit and how u make so much money at those incredible stakes. i find it interesting the amount of u who consider yourself sharks or semi pro when all your posts are crap. low stakes crap. u are not sharks or semi pros u are fish. fish play 25nl 1/2 limit and garbage stakes like that. so i guess i did mispell strategy and thats obviously all u can come up with in the way of an insult so ill leave this rookie site to all u suckers....
Dude, you really need to grow up. I play 25nl every once in a while, and while I'm not a pro, I'm definitely not a fish. A comment like that is totally stupid, especially since even though this is semi-profitbable for me, I do it because I like to play the game. I went back to your first post, and you pretty much weren't asking a question, just pretty much bragging about how good you are. Also, if you're going to ask a question, make it more specific than please help me improve my game.
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hey cowboy, you asked for a different technique?

Well first off I don't know your current one!

I have won 3 tournaments in a row in 3 different variants, and except for coming in 2nd in a o8b tourney it would have been 4.

Also the rankings under our nicks is related to # of posts, ONLY!


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