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Smoke Man
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Smoke Man
Default An intresing turn of events...

A few days ago during one of our No limit poker games a hand worthy of retelling occurred.
There were 3 of us left at the table, It was the guy to the right of me dealing, my hand was 10 4 offsuite, I was on little blind so I played. The flop comes K22 the guy to the right of me has a K 2 in his hand, he hit his full house. I check he bets 50 (very low bet) dealer fold I say "why not" and call the turn card comes its a 10, I check again he also checks. Then comes the river much to my disbelief its a 10 so I bet 300 the guy with K 2 quickly calls and forces me all in..... Of course I call, I ended up with all his chips and was chip leader into heads up to lose with a J over 6 full house to quad 2 but we still give my fried a hard time about being greedy.
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