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Default Couple recents hands ...

Buy in - $60 and 40 people played - Live Game

3 handed winner gets 1,000 second 500, third 300

All even chip stacks and I don't want to make a deal I wanted to win a cool thousand.

Button raises 2* the blinds

SB folds

I have KK and 8 BB total and I raise him all in, he calls with 10 10

A-Q-7- rainbow

Turn 10

And I am out with $300

# 2 Buy - in $5, 700 people registered -31 people left

I get JJ in first position and make 3* the BB

Everyone folds to the BB who flat calls and has the same amount of chips as me

Flop 10-6-2 rainbow

BB checks and I go all in which was just over the size of the pot

BB immediately calls with AKo

Turn- J
river Q

And I am outs...

Hand #3 $60 buy-in 40 man tourney - On the bubble before the final table

I have 3-5o in BB
2 limpers and SB

flop come 2d-4d-6s

SB raises the size of the pot, I raise all in immediately liking the size of the pot.

Limpers fold to the SB and SB calls immediately which was about 15 BB.

He turns over 7-8o


river 10

And I am out...

That's about it, Just 3 hands from the past 2 weeks; I know it happens to everybody and I like to share my information
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