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Default A-A beat

I've been reading this forum for awhile and figured i'd share some bad luck with you all. This is from a nlhe tourney on Bugsyclub.

nertz dealt down Ac Ad
BigTS posts the small blind 1,000
lisa73 posts the big blind 2,000
dnnaz folds
JoJoUK calls 2,000
McNasty calls 2,000
nertz raises 11,400 to 13,400
dwarfman1990 folds
pathfinder folds
BigTS folds
lisa73 folds
JoJoUK calls 11,400
McNasty folds

This guy seemed like tight player, so when he called my preflop raise, I put him on something like A-K or KK.

>>>DEALING FLOP<<< As Kc 5s
JoJoUK checks
nertz bets 20,000
JoJoUK raises 29,400 to 49,400 and is all-in
nertz calls 26,600 and is all-in
JoJoUK takes back 2,800

When the flop came up with 2 spades and he re-raised me all in, I couldn't put him on a flush draw and i'm not going to fold the nuts.

nertz shows three of a kind, aces
JoJoUK shows an ace high flush (cards were 4s 5h)

So not only did he call a 5xbb raise with 5-4 off, but then went all in with 5's with a-k on the board. Needless to say I finished 69th out of 400 while he made the final table.
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Fortune favored the foolish on that one.

You were 95% favorite after the flop, and still a healthy 81% after the turn.

Are ALL the players at Bugsys that crappy?
When I cash, it's skill... but when I win, it's luck.
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No, not really. Bugsy has its share of fish, but its pretty rounded out for competition. My best guess is that he accidently hit call the first time and tried an all in bluff to win it back. And lightning struck.
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