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Default Awesome hand to get me out of the red

I was playing my usual game, .10/.20 limit on Pacific, and was losing for quite a while, nearly an hour. I almost dipped below $7 (I buy in $10) and would have walked at that point, but won a pot to keep me alive. Anyway, as I was starting to get back ahead, I had this wonderful hand happen to me

There were six people in the game, and I was the big blind. I'm dealt Kc2c, which I check into the flop with two callers (button and SB). The flop comes up Kh2d6d, so I have two pair with one of them being the top! SB checks to me, I bet, both call.

Turn comes up.. 2s! Full house! SB checks, I bet, button RAISES (I'm giggling now), SB calls and I re-raise, which is called by both.

River comes up Ad, and I'm glad to see the nut flush on the board while I have the absolute nuts. SB checks, I bet, both call and I take away a $2.90 pot Not a huge amount but decent for .10/.20 and I really needed it!

I ended up walking away from the table twenty minutes later $5 up
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FYI - You didn't hand the absolute nuts - KK had you beat with KKK22 versus your KK222.

Congrats on the hand though - I'd put my cash in with the second nut all day long!
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Oh yeah, forgot about that, but I wasn't concerned about KK because there were no preflop or flop raises, there definitely would have been at least one of them, if not both.

It was definitely a nice hand to get on the big blind
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Another more likely hand could have been 66. Also woulda beat you.
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