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Old Aug 07, 2004, 8:48am   #1
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Default 3 bad beats in the same night u won't believe!

Howdy all, i found this forum and decided to vent.

Here's the dealie-o.
2/4 limit hold em', i know its low limit but its what i play on party poker.

First bad beat:
my hole cards AA
preflop 6 way pot, i'm grinning ear to ear when the flop comes
Caps out 3 ways
caps out 2 way
Caps out again of course.
Other guy has 22, thus 3 aces vs. 4 2's = the suck

Hard to believe, huh? Well here's another one.

My hand, big blind
A,Q,J with two spades, i like it because i know i'll keep some flush drawers in and can drop out if one hits
Caps out count this, 6 ways on flop.
Turn K of not spades, little disappointed but still have a 10 so the nuts.
Caps out 3 ways.
River, J of not spades
i know i may be in trouble if someone has AA or QQ, etc.
so gets raised to only 2 big bets, turns out the other two guys have K/J, giving them j's over k's.
At first glance doesn't sound so bad, but when u look closer, thats ALL 4 kings in play, and ALL four jacks in play, therefore they had a 1/46, 1/45 chance on each card.

Sounds bad eh? Well statistically this next one isn't as bad but still hurt.
Big blind, 8/9 clubs and flop as I can't believe it
10, j, q of clubs.
caps out on flop i don't know why they are capping out on flop and not preflop but apparently people think there cards are the pwn.
turn 2 of spades.
I'm sitting happily with my straight flush. when it caps out again
River is the ace of clubs.
I don't let it cap out this time as only 3 people in pot.
One guy had the K of clubs therefore making a, k, j, q, 10 of clubs and beating me. (he had like K of clubs and 4 of hearts)

This all happened to me in the last 5 hours, luckily enough for me i only lost 125$ on all three loses with the winnings from the in between hands, but my god how is that possible.

Maybe i should rename myself BigBadBeatJonV.
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Old Aug 14, 2004, 12:56am   #2
Flop Artist
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3 of kind is not that strong
the royal flush... i guess any1 would have taken the beat
but wasn't there a bad beat jackpot for u?? too bad...
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Old Aug 16, 2004, 1:17am   #3
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its not three of a kind, he had ace full over 2s
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Old Aug 20, 2004, 4:42pm   #4
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Default losing to quads

I had a similar situation the other night on a 2/4 limit table. Yours is worse since the guy had to pay to see trips and quads, while dominated the entire time. This one was relatively more costly due to a third player.

I had pocket bullets. 3rd to play on longhand. 1&2 fold. I raise a on the pre. 2 people fold and the 6 reraises. D (who is also the 7, foreshadowing) calls. SB, BB fold, and I call.

Flop A K 7. 3 players. I bet the A. 6 reraises. 7 calls. Figure 6 has AK, KK, or AQ. Not sure about 7 think maybe A 7, K 7 since she called. I re-raise, and we callout.

Turn Q. I bet a big. 6 re-raises again, 7 calls. I figure I have 6 beat. Not really worried about 7. I re-raise. Call out.

River 7. I'm thinking cool A over 7's I feel pretty good. I bet a big. 6 reraises, and 7 rereraises. I feel the air coming out of my sails, but call nonetheless as does 6.

me: A full of 7,
6: Pair A K, Q kicker
7: well u guessed it quad 7's.

It makes sense that 7 stayed after the flop with trips, it just sucks that she hit with the quads on the river.
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