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Default AA vs KK vs. QQ vs.....

I am playing at a local bar. If i wasn't sitting in a bar i would of thought it was party poker. I am dealt AA UTG. I raise 14XXBB. 3 callers. Flop 10, 8, 2. I am good. I pot bet. 3 calls. concerned, but can't imagine anyone calling my pre unless they had big pockets. No one is raising so I can't imagine they hit trips. Turn 5. I am still good. Another pot bet. 3 callers. WTF! River 7.

Here is where the shit gets crazy. This should have been mine. Caller 1 had QQ. Caller 2 had KK. Jackass caller 3, played 69o rivers a gut shot str8. Fortunately, the dumbass flips his cards over after the river falls and we don't bet the showdown. Three of us with pocket pairs look at each other in amazement.
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