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Old Dec 08, 2004, 8:07pm   #11
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well i cant understand why youre playing $.5/$1? When you started this thread 3 or 4 days ago you know (sorry) nothing about poker. That isnt meant rude or so but i think that you agree with it? Swings like that can happen but ill talk later about it. But i think that you arent ready to play at those limits. Sure there are alot of fishes, but you should learn the basics. To do that, it isnt important what limits you play, there are nearly everywhere fishes ;) You have to get familiar with odds, starting hands, post flop... Be honest to your self, have you learned anything but going on tilt at that table? If you play at a limit where you dont feel well, even if you lose 30BBs in a session, you dont play well.
What is your bankroll? Just to let you know, as a newbe you need at least 300BB. That means you need at least $300 to play at that limit.
Your hands were played well. What do you want to change in your play if you bet aggr. with top two pair and just get called? Thats the correct play. In fact, the guy was an idiot if he slowplays the nut set untill the river. If you slowplay (wich is a dump idea in most low limit games) the turn is the place to bet. If you wait untill the river, all missed draws will fold to your raises and everyone who hit his straight/flush will reraise you. Giving 2 cheap cards is wrong with such a vulnerable hand.
2nd hand: You didnt slowplay, that was just fine (depending on the flop of cause). You made it as expensive as possible for straight/flush draws. Why do you think this was a wrong play? Your alternative: Fold before the river (no comment), Check (yeah, i like freecards if im on a straight draw, you too?). Always think about your opponent and his cards. "If he raised the river, is it possible that he have a straight?"

So everything was just fine. The only money you really lost was "on tilt"
how the hell am i going to get that bankroll back?????
as long as you think in such terms, you wont get it back. You have to feel well at the table and if you want to win 2 or 3 big pots to get you money back, that wont work.

Yeah sorry, smth. means something. My english is sooo bad
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Old Dec 08, 2004, 10:00pm   #12
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hey man, ill be the first one to admit my mistakes, and yes, i got a few good hands in .10/.20 jumped the gun, moved up in stakes and got dealt some big hands that i was feeling lucky with... and i got busted.....

what did i learn??? that im not nearly patient enough....

in all honesty, do u guys ever get bored sitting around 45 minutes to get a good hand to play???? Shit, if your not geting the cards its way possible to wait that long!!!!

and i find myself getting bored and going in on hands like Axo or Kxs or ever Kxo! ... I know this is wrong, but i feel like im sitting around waiting for cards forever.... LOL, at least at a live game theres people to talk too, and to throw pretzels at if there your friends!

i mean, what should i have learned so far.... i have not started on my pot odds yet except really basics like "i have a chance to hit a staight, and there is a decent pot and the bet to me is pretty small, so i guess its worth me staying in for"

ive learned that people that play cards like 2,7o AND HIT ON IT REALLY PISS ME OFF! lol...

even now, ive moved back down to .10/.20 and won like $5 back..... but then lost it again ...... everything feels very inconsitent to me....

ive realized that the idea of trying to win it back in 2 or 3 big hands is nothing more than a recipe for disaster.... im sticking with my .10/.20 for now, .. feels like a good place to be..... and i try to stay in rooms with only 5-6 people ... i find that when the room fills up to 10 people i dont do as well cause of everyone calling and this and that..... gets me a little frustrated at this point cause then u have no real clue whos got a decent hand.....
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