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Default One of my first tournaments

I played a $45 buy in 100 player tournament with the top 10 cashing and wanted to comment on how it went. I have only been playing for about 5 months so maybe you all could comment on my play. I didn't play many hands so here are the ones that I did, and one of the laydowns I made. We started with $1500 in chips and 25/50 big blinds and yes I know chips are different than money, I just prefer using dollar signs.

First hand on BB with q3 of clubs. 3 limpers and I check. The flop is 6c6h2c. I check hoping to see a free card and the button bets $100. I call and everyone else folds. Next card is 5c. I check hoping to induce a bet and he bets $300. I check raise him to all in and he hestitantly calls. My flush witholds his 3 6's (k6o???).I win about $1300 in chips.

Second hand I am on the button with AA. Everyone folds to me before I look at my cards. I raise $300 over the 25/50 blinds. Small blind folds (later I found out he had 72offsuit) and BB calls. Flop is 225. Small blind curses at his fold and BB bets $400. I go all in and he calls. He has 3/4 offsuit so he is on a straight draw with a 6 as his only live card as an A gives me a full boat. He does not hit and I win about $900 in chips.

Third hand it is my big blind 150/300. Player goes all in for $500 total. I look down at my hand and it is A8 of hearts. I call because of the odds to money in the pot. Pot odds? He has AQo and I luckily hit an 8 to bust him. I win $650 in chips because of the small blind.

Fourth hand I am on the button and one player limps in ahead of me. I have K10 spades and raise $600 over the 150/300 blinds. Because I am viewed as a "rock" everyone folds and I win the blinds with a marginal hand.

Fifth hand I am on the button again and look down at AK of spades. I make a $600 raise again with 150/300 blinds and I win the blinds.

I have about 4 grand in chips and move tables with 45 players left.

Sixth hand, I am second from the button and look at pocket queens. I raise #800 over the 200/400 blinds and everyone folds to me.

Seventh hand, I am on the button with 200/400 blinds. A player in 4th or 5th position makes a raise over 1200 over the blinds. Players fold to me and I look at AQ offsuit. I know this is a strong hand, but it is not one of the strongest and after staring the player down I end up folding. Another player goes all in so I get to see the original raiser's cards for free. Orignal raiser has AQ offsuit so I laugh and the all-inner has A 9 offsuit. AQ holds up.

Eight hand. I am in the same position as hand 7 and the same player raises $1500 over the 200/400 blinds. I look down at AQ suited and my gut tells me that he does not have as strong of a hand this time. I stare him down and go all in behind him for about $3600. He calls my quickly and my heart starts racing at a potential mistake. He turns over AJ offsuit and says that he didn't beleive my all in because I took so long to do it. Cards flip over and I hold up. I double up to a little over $8000 in chips.

Ninth hand. I look down at pocket kings and raise $1000 over the 200/400 blinds. I get one caller in the small blind and everyone else folds. Now this is the trickiest hand that I played. The flop comes out 6d, 4 d, 10 d. He checks to me and I know without looking at my cards that I have no diamond. I feel he is weak or wants to see a free card. I put him on ak or aq which completely missed. I put him all in for about another $2200 and after thinking for a while he calls. He ends up having pocket queens, one of which is a diamond. I know that I am favored by the next card is a j d so I draw dead. Did I make the wrong move? I felt that I played it right, but oh well. I lose about half my stack on that one and am down to $4500 with the average stack being about $6000+.

The very next hand, number 10 I look down at pocket 10s. The blinds have gone up but I didn't realize. I raise $1000 over the blinds which are now 300, 600 but I play it cool. The player 2 people to my left goes all in (big stack bully) and I am forced to make a descision. I have seen some of the cards he has done this with including a4 offsuit, a6 offsuit, but I am not confident in my chances. We are down to 29 players and I feel it is time to start gathering chips as I know he does not have a pocket pair. Pocket 10's are hard to call with but I do and he flips over A Q offsuit and hits an Ace on the flop so I am gone in 28th place.

Wondering if I could get any comments on my play, perhaps I didn't play correctly, got a bad beat, or just missed a couple of coinflips. Look forward to the suggestions as my style is currently tight/strong/aggressive, which I know some people do not agree with. I did not use sunglasses or a hat as I like to stare people down with my menacing eyes. I know that it is suggested that people hide their eyes because as they say the eyes never lie.
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#1 The 3c came out twice, so I'm sure you meant maybe 4c? Anyways, this is a pretty scarey hand, as even if you hit the flush, you could be getting owned by a made boat. I'd call the flop, and maybe outright bet the turn when you hit. I'm still undecided about this hand though.

#2 $300 is 6BB here, so that is a pretty massive raise. 150-200 would do the trick, and give you more wiggle room if the flop is nasty. If you felt certain that he didn't have pocket 5s or the 2, then this isn't a bad play, but remember that you only really have a pair. That is beaten by a lot of hands.

#3 First of all, what was your chips stack like? If you were the chip leader, then this isn't too bad of a move. He was desperately shortstacked, so he could have anything as bad as 96s or something.

#4 Even with an image like this, many people will see a min raise like that as weakness. Even 2.5-3BB will do.

#5 Again, maybe a slightly bigger raise in the future.

#6 You know.

#7 I like this fold. Probably a coinflip, and you could very well be a huge dog. Save the coinflips for when you really need the chips.

#8 Same situation, but now you say you have a good read on him. By all means, go ahead. Just curious though, what tipped you off?

#9 Better preflop raise here. Perhaps the reason you weren't called earlier with the smaller raise is that it looked suspicious, and intimidated the other players. But what to do on the flop? Depends on your stack here, I think. If you will have plenty left, you could make a pot sized bet. If not, then going all in may be best. This is a very dangerous hand, and even with a big pair, he might be on a str8 or flush draw, giving him tons of outs. He may have the flush already. I'm not totally decided on this yet.

#10 Just go allin right away. The blinds would be nice, and you can't really afford to fold if the flop isn't to your liking. You still have a long way to the final table, so you have to start picking up chips fast.

And don't worry too much about tells.

Lastly, I'm not the foremost authority poker, so don't take my advice and run off before you hear other, and much smarter people give you their input.
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Reply to the above post. I corrected the first one thanks for tipping me off. I knew it was some low club. The raise of 300 was actually pretty minimal as even though blinds were 25/50 we started with 1500 in chips. I raised that high to isolate my opponents. On the A8 suited hand I was 2nd in chips at my table with about 4500 and I only called because I had 300 invested in the pot as the big blind and it would cost me 200 more to potentially knock a player out. So I called 200 with the potential of winning 500+300 (my big blind) That is 4:1 (200:800) I believe so that is why I made the call. On number 4 I raised 600 on top of the 300 big blind so I raised the bet 2x over the blind and 3x total. Again the same with the ak suited. Regarding the AQ laydown I saw this player play a few hands earlier. He had pocket queens on the small blind and AK suited another time. I laid it down because he was in first position and when I saw him look at his cards he looked at his chips right away (sign of a strong hand) and then look back at his cards. He had my in chips by about 1000 and raised it to about 1400 total (raise of 1000). I was only 2 or 3 seats away from him so If I made the call (or likely all in) there may be a player with a high pocket pair behind me. I think I had 6 or 7 people behind me and I didn't want to get stuck with this hand. When I made the all in with AQ suited with the same player raising he appeared to move his chips in quicker and made a much larger raise. He was on a rush from winning a pot from the hand before and was likely riding the rush. To me there is a big difference between AQ and AQ suited and it may appear silly but it was time to act as an aggressor and look to double up. He literally called me so fast when it came back to him I feared kings or aces. I guess I got lucky here. With the kings I made a raise of more than 2x over the big blinds and 3x total. This guy should have been knocked out the hand before as he went all in with pocket 3's to a bigger pocket pair and rivered his set. He did have queens which I believe is the 4th or 5th best starting hand you can get so I think he would have called a bigger raise. The pot was over 2600 and he only had about 2500 left in chips as I had about 6000. He was the small blind so he showed weakness by calling a big bet and then checking to me. The straight draw would have had to be like 3 5 offsuit which I assume he wouldn't call for a preflop raise. Therefore I put him on AK offsuit or AQ offsuit and figured that putting him all in he would fold. He ended up taking about 5 minutes to call me with his pocket queens. Regarding the 10's that is true, I should have moved in right away. I am not completely sure if I would have gotten a call from the AQ, but I am pretty confident that I would have. This guy called all ins with Ajank offsuit a couple of times before. Anyway thanks for your advice and I hope I clarified a couple of things. Like I said I am a newbie and trying to acheive a better poker game so I look forward to more helpful advice.
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#1 -

You were getting 3 to 1 or 3.5 to 1 on your call here, depending on if one of the limpers was sb. You are 5 to 1 to hit the flush on the turn, 3 to 1 to hit the flush if you see turn and river. But....the board is paired. You have to think about what kind of hand this guy would be with. For me, to call in this spot, I'd have to put my guy on pocket 7's-pocket J's. If you could do this, then your implied odds (money you'd get after hitting flush) would put you over the top. However, in this spot there are a lot of hands your guy could be betting with that kill your odds. Either you could already be dead (22), you might have dead flush cards (K6, Q6, J6, etc.), or you might be up against a higher flush draw (K4c, AJc, etc.). There's just a lot of possible trouble here. As it turns out, you hit an 8 outer on the turn (18%), and yet the guy still had 10 outs against you (22%). This is the kind of iffy territory you'd like to stay away from in one of these tournaments.

#2 - 6xbb bet is too much here, unless you don't want callers. 3 or 4 would work just as well. I'd say the post flop play was pretty standard.

#3 - You have the proper odds.

#4 - When you say raise "over" the blinds does that mean you made it 900 to go? If that is the case, then this is a good play for one with your table image. If you only made it 600 to go, I wouldn't like the play as much. Only doubling the blinds is ASKING for calls from the blinds and the limper. You'd like to either take down the pot right now or limit it to only one caller.

#5 - Again, if you made it 900 to go, it's a good play, 600 to go could get you in trouble.

#6 - Not much to argue with here.

#7 - Definitely no reason to get involved here. Nothing invested in the pot makes this iffy spot a fairly easy fold.

#8 - I don't mind this play. Again, you could fold here, but if you had a solid read, I'd say go for it.

#9 - This is simply a nasty spot for you. I don't really think there was any way that you were not going to lose a lot on this hand. The only play I can see making to reduce your losses is to check the flop. This would be really hard to do, and I doubt that I'd do it myself. Just a nasty spot, this happens.

#10 - Certainly it was a mistake to not notice the blinds going up. If you had been aware of this, you might have been able to get your guy off his hand by pushing in. Picking up the 900 in the blinds would help you significantly. As for calling his all in, not much else you could do.
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I'm a novice, so take my post with a grain of salt, but I agree with both fox and skep, and I think you played rather well for a novice. You just made some mistakes that us novices can't help but do -- but I have a good feeling you'll be able to learn from these mistakes.

I'd like to mention just one hand:

Hand#10 --- the short stack rule comes into play here. Most solid tourney players feel that when they are under 10x BB, they are short stacked and need to look for a hand or situation in which to push. This is very important later in tourneys since one's folding equity is greater due to the blinds being so high and worth taking/stealing. And there is still the likelyhood of being called by a coinflip and doubling up. With TT and roughly 8BB, I think this is the perfect spot for a push (as both fox and skep mentioned). TT is a decent hand for a coinflip situation (which it turned out to be when you called AQ), but pushing with it in ep or mp with no raise in front makes for solid folding equity --- and as skep mentioned, perhaps AQ would have folded (just like you folded with AQ in a earlier hand).
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