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Default Poker tracking software...

As long as i have been keeping stats on my play, it has all been through just old fashion pen and paper. I have seen a few posts about tracking software, that keeps track for you, and even keeps stats on your oppents..If you guys/Gals get a chance could you please list a few for me.

I have looked throught the forum and found a few, but would like to hear again your thoughts, ideas, etc....thanks

I did try one thing a while ago but was not real pleased with it. (I cant remember the name)
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I have recently replaced my notebook with PokerTracker. I am very pleased with it and the customer service from Pat had been excellent.

Xen uses it, so sometimes I bug him with questions and he's been very helpful as well as others here.

I don't know how much you play or if you multitable, but you might plan to drop down to a single table for a week or so while you make the transition.

Good luck!

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