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Default Need explanation for player style stats...

I've always heard that it's best to be TAA (tight agressive/aggressive), but when I look at my PokerTracker stats, all the TAA players have an avg. of -1.04BB/100. This is for low limit (mixture of $2/$4, $5/$10 players, mostly 2/4). This is out of 10.5K hands of these types of players. Any explanation? I'm thinkin' there might be a lot of people who hear it's good to be tight and they try it, but fail to do it correctly (being aggressive where you should be, and they try to be aggressive too much in the wrong spots).

The monsters in my PokerTracker are the slightly loose passive (preflop)/aggressive (postflop) players (between 25-40% VP$IP), raking in a massive 11+BB/100. Explanation? I guess since it's low limit you're going to be playing more hands with a looser table, and capitalizing on the big draws. Unfortunately there's very few of these players so only 2K hands worth.

So whatdya think? Is the TAA overrated? Is it completely different for low limit vs. high limit?
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TAG what you wanna be, study their stats carefully. Maybe they are overagressive, weak, or whatever.

In PT it just means they raise more than 5% preflop, play less then 25% of their hands and have an AF over 1.5.
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