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Default Tournament rut

Playing PP, $10 sit and go. Was doing fine.... generally first or second, a couple of 3rd's out of 10 tourneys. First, what is a good target for tourney placing?

Second, now I am in a big rut. Been about 15 straight T's, and a steady flow of 4th and 5th's. Trying to play tighter seems to be locking me into 4th.

Any suggestions?
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You do need to play tight at the beginning; perhaps up through 50/100 blinds. Of course, aggressively play strong hands but otherwise play tight. You might be missing some opportunities though, which then leaves you with the small stack. Usually, I find that when I go out on the bubble, it's because misplayed a crucial hand.

A suggestion; something that has worked fairly well for me of late: set some chip goals for various points in the tourney. Example: by the end of the 2nd level, try to have 20% more chips than what you started with. Set some sort of goal for various levels and then try to pick the hands you are dealt that will help you achieve those goals.

Of course, the dealer is not always cooperative.

Best of luck.
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I play hyper agresssive on the bubble. Works for me.

Players are always a little scared on the bubble and I grow my chipstack there. Just avoid being trapped.

I think you go out 4th so often because you play too passive when it's down to 5 or 4.
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The better strategy should be to play more aggressive on the bubble because you can steal a lot of blinds here. People don't want to get knocked out just out of the money so they are more tight.

Usually it a good general strategy to play opposite of what the table is doing.
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