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Default Beating my $10 buy in NL holdem home game!

Hi all

I'm a new player to holdem and I recently started playing a home game with some friends.

A little on the game:
~6 players
No one raises before the flop except me...i dont know why
In fact no one bets very much whatsoever, except for me, in the early game. In the late game I dont have as many chips and i get bored.
2 very tight players...i can steal a few pots by bluffing when i get called im in big trouble, ppl call a lot! That's where I think I run into trouble.

Finished 3rd and 3rd so far in the 2 games ive played. My chips get eaten up in the increasing blinds.

What should i do to become better and beat this game?
Would playing online for money help? Because ive heard that playing for play money gives you bad habits.

- thx guys
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Consider your starting hand value and don't play so many hands. Be selective on your starting hands that you choose to play. You should always consider how many BB (Big Blind) bets your stack can cover. A general rule of thumb is that you want to have at least 10 -15 BB bets in your stack. So if you get below that, you should start considereing ALL IN or FOLD as your only options, unless you are trapping and trying to slowplay a big hand.

Check this out

Vary your play and raise more than the minimum raise. Most new players are considered "calling stations" and will call you down to the river regardless of what you bet or whats on the board. They don't consider what the other players have or what the other players think they have. They are only playing the cards in front of them.
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