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Default The Mini Anti-Bad-Beat Streak

Ok, so we always see plenty of bad luck, bad beat, suck out hands (which we've all suffered). I had an opposite luck streak last night during a short session.

Playing 2 full-ring NL tables. Within a half-hour span, I was dealt AA 4 times on one table and twice on another. On top of that in 2/6 hands I flopped an Ace for a set *and* then another Ace on the flop or river - so two 4-of-a-kinds...and (yes there's more), in the first hand my opponent flopped the midset, in the second hand my oppoent flopped two-pair (and we got committed on the flop). I actually won another monster pot with one of the AA hands though I played it pretty sketchily; I'll post that one on the NL board.

The lesson being, if you want it bad enough, dreams can happen. No, actually, if you play enough hands you'll get your share of almost embarrasingly good cards.
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wow, nice streak
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