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Old Nov 10, 2005, 11:01pm   #1
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Default Bad player gets lucky on the river=doom

. . . well I guess he was a bad player. I know because I entered the situation into the Hand Simulator and I was 91% to 9% favorite after the turn. But that didn't stop him and, well, that's why I'm posting here now.

Here's what happned. We were down to the last 9 in a live MTT at an Atlantic City casino. Top 4 paid. I had just won a nice pot as the SB on a good bluff against the BB and was in the high mid range of stacks. When the button moved to me, as I'm still trying to arrange the chips from the last win, I check my cards and see I have Ac Jh. My luck must be improving -- especially as one guy limps to me. So I take some of my new found chips and go in for a 4x the BB rase. BB and SB fold to the limper, who goes through this big, scenery chewing deliberation -- grabbing his forhead, talking out loud -- before he calls. The flop is sweet: As9s8d. He checks. I bet about 4x the bb again. There is some more acting from him, and then he calls again. The turn is even better: Ac. I think, "Should I go all in?" or should I try and take some of his money. I bet about 25 percent the pot, hoping for a call, confident I had a better kicker becasue I had seen him play garbage Aces to the river before. The river comes: 10s. I instantly fear the flush draw. He just as instantly calls all-in. This threw me. I knew he could have the flush. But I'd seen him play wild hands. He could easily have had two pair, or some A7 kind of garbage. So I called. I couldn't belive what I saw.
He had 7dJd and he made a gut shot straight. He rode that garbage to the river.
Oh, well. I'm not really mad about it. That's poker. But I would like to hear any criticism of my moves. Keep in mind, I didn't go all in becasue I figured that I was way ahead and he would have folded if I did. I wanted to bleed some more chips out of him, and thought the risk was small.

Anyway, that the bad beat didn't put me out. I still had about 2x the BB left. As luck would have it, I got 77 and went all in. The AQ on the button and an A8 in the BB called me. I had them beat until an Ace fell on the river. Now that was a bad beat. Lol
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Old Nov 11, 2005, 6:16pm   #2
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Default Re: Bad player gets lucky on the river=doom

You should have pushed him off the pot at the turn. You almost certainly have the best hand but there was a str8 draw and a flush draw out there and the pot is big enough for you to take down at this point. Although you did just about give him incorrect odds to call, he obviously had implied odds because you called his all in. If you let people draw cheaply, this is gunna happen every so often. I dont think his play was all that terrible.
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Old Nov 11, 2005, 6:38pm   #3
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cetacean has a spectacular aura aboutcetacean has a spectacular aura aboutcetacean has a spectacular aura about

Steve is right, your turn bet was much too small given that there were straight draws and flush draws out there against you.

I'd have also liked to see a larger flop bet. You bet less than half the pot when there were a lot of draws out there against you. You have top pair, but there are lots of cards that could come on the turn to scare you. I'd really want to take the pot down on the flop. Bet some large percentage of the pot (85% or more) and be done with it.

Your opponent's play with his gut shot wasn't great, but you need to discourage legit draws (8 and 9 out straight and flush draws) from chasing too, and your bets didn't do that.
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Old Nov 11, 2005, 10:21pm   #4
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Thanks for the replies, I see what you guys are saying.
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Old Nov 12, 2005, 3:55am   #5
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Notjitsu will become famous soon enoughNotjitsu will become famous soon enough

You made a 4 big bets bet into a 18 big bet pot.

He's getting 10-1, did he get more than 18 off you on the river? If the answer is yes, he made the right play.
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Old Nov 12, 2005, 2:56pm   #6
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I agree Notjitsu......
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