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Default Heres a good one I saw a week ago

Once a week Im playing with this group of 'friends' I know from University.

They are the average fishes I guess... I see all kinds of hands that are so incredible. I like to play there, they are cool people and its easy money.

So heres the hand.

The blinds are extremely smalls so if nobody raise, the odds justify calling with anything. But the first to talk raise like 10BB ( which is not that much but enough to make all the 72 and J3 fold ;) )
So theres 3 guys for the flop

flop: Js 2s 6h

First bet 30BB and get raised by the second ( the last guy folded there ), first call.

Turn: 4s

They both check ( They dont want to show that they hit the nuts there )

River: Ks, so theres 4 spades

First goes allin, with about 250BB ( 25$)left... The second thinks for about 10 sec, and call.

Showdown: both had a pair of 4 with queen kicker...

The worst is that there was almost no reaction on the table...
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rough stuff man, at least we all know you're the one making bank in that game
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Yup, gotta love that....

See the same a lot on low-limit sng's. It makes it really stupid to bluff, cause they will fold to nothing. 4 to a flush and/or a straight matter nothing and they will still slowplay their pair of seven or aces or whatever bullcrap they called with in the first place.

The problem with small blinds in these games is that people tend do overlook the relativity of their chipstack vs. the blinds. ie they risk half their stack to steal an unraised pot and if any half-decent player got some good hole cards, one would have to raise 10-20 BB to get somebody to fold... and Q5o would still stick around.

Playing against fish can be so annoying but quite profitable in the long run... so at the end of the day you still want them to play that way....
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