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Default 1 in 48...

Outplayed and then the lottery hit...How would you have played it? Could you have gotten away from it? I don't like qq smooth pre.

Table Table 36534 Real Money -- Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 9
Seat 2: me $94.74
Seat 3: Seat 3: $79.53
Seat 4: Seat 4: $92.47
Seat 5: Seat 5: $97.33
Seat 6: Seat 6: $49.60
Seat 7: Seat 7: $23.55
Seat 8: Seat 8: $35.72
Seat 9: Seat 9: $85
Seat 10: Seat 10: $120.85
Seat 6: posts small blind 0.50
Seat 7: posts big blind 1
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to me [ Kc, Tc ]
Seat 8: folds.
Seat 9: folds.
Seat 10: calls 1
me raises 3 to 3
Seat 3:folds.
Seat 4: calls 3
Seat 5: calls 3
Seat 6: calls 2.50
Seat 7: folds.
Seat 10: calls 2
** Dealing Flop ** : [ 2d, Th, Qs ]
Seat 6: checks.
Seat 10: checks.
me bets 8
Seat 4: calls 8
Seat 5: folds.
Seat 6: calls 8
Seat 10: folds.
** Dealing Turn ** : [ Ks ]
Seat 6: checks.
me bets 38
Seat 4: calls 38
Seat 6: raises 38.60 to 38.60
Seat 6: is all-In.
me calls 0.60
Seat 4: calls 0.60
Creating Main Pot with $152.80 with Seat 6:
** Dealing River ** : [ Kh ]
me bets 45.14
me is all-In.
Seat 4: calls 42.87
Seat 4: is all-In.
Creating Side Pot 1 with $85.74 with Seat 4:
Creating Side Pot 2 with $2.27 with me
** Summary **
Main Pot: $152.80 | Side Pot 1: $85.74 | Side Pot 2: $2.27 | Rake: $3
Board: [ 2d Th Qs Ks Kh ]
me balance $240.81, bet $94.74, collected $240.81, net +$146.07 [ Kc Tc ] [ a full house, Kings full of tens -- Kc,Ks,Kh,Tc,Th ]
Seat 3:balance $79.53, didn't bet folded
Seat 4: balance $0, lost $92.47 [ Jc Kd ] [ three of a kind, kings -- Kd,Ks,Kh,Qs,Jc ]
Seat 5: balance $94.33, lost $3 folded
Seat 6: balance $0, lost $49.60 [ Qh Qc ] [ a full house, Queens full of kings -- Ks,Kh,Qh,Qc,Qs ]
Seat 7: balance $22.55, lost $1 folded
Seat 8: balance $35.72, didn't bet folded
Seat 9: balance $85, didn't bet folded
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To be honest I think you played this hand poorly and got luky on the river. Lets see why...

1st mistake raising with KT? I mean come on thats not a great move and its obvious people aren't taking you seriously with your preflop raises asyou get plenty on callers, suggesting you often raise preflop with CRAP;

I myself often jus call a raise with QQ preflop as the flop defines your hand so it is often best to see the flop without overly committing yourself.

When the flop comes the continuation bet is fine. I think the biggest mistake here was the person with QQ did not raise... they got greedy and let you get luky.

You get 2 callers which should tell you that there is a better hand then your pair of tens out there... When the king drops you automatically think you have a lock on the hand when you really dnt. I do not like your bet here at all as that king could have made someones straight or someone could actually have a set... I would have checked here and maybe called a small raise

Going allin here you have a 2 outer against a set of queens or tens an a 4 outer against a straight or other set so you are in fact in very bad shape. You caught a MIRACLE river lets be honest.

However you are correct in the fact the person with QQ played the hand worse as they really needed to raise on the flop as it is still a fragile hand. In short they got greedy and let you sukout on them
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Default I agree...

...that I was overplaying my hand preflop. Not to justify, but I have been playing a lot of SH lately and this was a LH table. But even with my raise there was still four callers; so it would not be surprising that either AJ or KJ was behind me. I didn't put anyone on J9, but I suppose a late position person could call with pot odds to see the flop.

Preflop there is $17 in the pot. Flops comes and I have middle pair. Two checks in front of me, so I throw out an information bet of $8 and get two smooths.

Pot is now $41. Turn comes King and I have two pair. Like I said I don't think J9 calls preflop and don't think someone would $8 OTF with AJ on a gut shot, so felt pretty good. I throw essentially a pot bet out and get a smooth and a raise all in. At this point, .60 to me, was an automatic call. But I must admit I was worried. I thought that All-in had a set or maybe did hit the straight with AJ or J9. I had no read on middle position.

River comes and obviously I hit the only out I could to win the hand. There was only 1 remaining K in the deck. Amazing.
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