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Default Some ppl just dont know when to stop...

I playing last night and some guy just joined the Table, 1/5th buyin, 20 of 100 possible.

He enters a few Pots, either hitting that magical Two Pair or Straight or blatant bluffs i couldnt tell, but he palyed his cards with a lot of Reraises and a few Nasty all-ins.

So after a very Short time he nearly Doubled up, and i have to fold a mid-pair to his check-raise on the flop, thinking "oh boy pls dont leave table"

he didnt, but calls a 3$ PFR of someone.
I just dont like calling 6x BB with utter crap Hands and fold

So there is this 6.75$ flop T 7 2 and he checks it, original Raiser bets Pot, exactly not 25c less or more, and my read was he has the board covered or at least Top Pair or AK/Q and has this guy covered bc he has just called to try and Bluff another Pot..
"Maniac" reraises, better calls
turn is a 4 and that Maniac pushes the Res of his stack in the middle.
something like 22$ or so

Better thinks, thinks and calls.

That maniac could have evrything from 72 to 10 2 or a Set of 2s on the flop, or it was just another fricken Bluff.

Better has KTs, Maniac JACK NINE ( aka worthless bluff) and is gone.

I m sure i know what Tight Weak means, someone said that to me the other day bc i folded a lot to reraises preflop and on weak flop bets,
but i NEVER would try and pull a stunt like that for 4 Outs.

Sad thing i wasnt involved in this, well i d put that guy all in on the Flop anyhow
I honestly wish I never clicked on this post. blog
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