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I play Pacific $50 and $100 but not at Bodog.

When you move up I would recomend playing more tight aggressive. Take some time to get used to everything costing double as this will be in the back of your mind. Getting use to a higher level at the beginning is the hard part. When I moved from $50 to $100 it scared me at first. Now I have no fear of the $100 tables at Pacific as I am use to the increased cost. If I have a loosing night (generally due to one bad beat or one bad play on my part) I will play at the $50 tables the next night. Also make sure that you are choosing the right tables for yourself. I look for a higher flop percentage, long handed, without any high stacks (over 2 buyins). If no $100 table look good to me then I will play at the $50's.

Just ease into a higher level and not jump in for several days in a row if you are loosing.

As for bankroll needs everyone is different. I have no problems keeping about $500 to $700 at Pacific. When I get up to about $800 to $1000 I cash out back down to $600. For me having too much money (in my mind) will loosen up my play too much. With only several buy in at $100 I stay more focused and play a better game.

Everyone is different. Going up a limit is good, but if you have a bad night just play down a level the next night to help make up for it. It also helps in regaining you confidence back if needed.

Gook luck.

You only live once...So enjoy it while you can!

"take stock of any poor thought processes that may be causing you to lose money needlessly at the poker table." Ozone

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Fast Phil

I'm moving up gradually. Now I'm playing three tables at a time, a $25 at Pacific, a $25 at Bodog, and a $50 at Bodog. Gradually I'll move exclusively to the $50 tables.

I've had the usual bad beats, etc. But I'm doing pretty well overall at both levels, and slowly building up my bankroll with the $100 tables in sight.

Thanks for all the advice.
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Originally Posted by XA_kid
I think TG said somewhere (maybe in his e-book) that 1000 big blinds (10 buy-ins) would be the minimum not 2000. I agree that you want a ton of buy-ins for the level you are at.
Yes, he did. That was right after homegames, where perhaps there were 50 or less BB in the max buy in, so 1000 BB would be 20+ buyins. On online sites, this would only mean 10 buyins.

On a side note, which is a better way to measure your bankroll for NL? I think perhaps in BB. Not sure though.
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I think that if you play with 10 buy-ins you will be fine but you will have to avoid high variance confrontation until you get to the 20 buy-in level. It becomes more of a grind at this point because you want to steal a bunch of smaller pots since you want to avoid the bigger ones without the nuts or at least a set on an uncordinated board. So the profit margin would go down a couple of BB per 100 hands but better to play at this level safely and get the experience then to stay where you do not have much to gain from a skill standpoint. That and you will have a higher dollar per hour rate then you would at the $25 tables. That is what I do at first and then I start to get a little more gamble in me and get more creative at the tables once my bankroll gets larger.
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