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Default *$&#@(*

I've seen so many bad beats in the last week it's ridiculous.

Set of 7's, turn is a 2, guy caps it, I know he's on Q-2 2 pair.... river... Q... 2 outs, make the crying call... yup, hit a 2 outer.

Cap pocket aces pre flop... flop a set, A 5 7rb., turn 5... sweet, boat... river 5.... jackass was playing A-5o WTF!

As Ah 989 99.90 1 0.10 0 0.00 0.999
Ac 5d 1 0.10 989 99.90 0 0.00 0.001

cards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV
As Ah 43 97.73 1 2.27 0 0.00 0.977
Ac 5d 1 2.27 43 97.73 0 0.00 0.023


*repeats long term... long term.... they will pay you off...*

Annoying crap.
"All of the great R+A tournament players I know play like completely donkey maniacs in the first hour just trying to build a stack."

-Ozone, on the technical side of poker
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Think of it from his point of view. A5o isn't exactly *that* bad a hand and every now and again you may wanna play it. He flops 2 pair thinking gees i'm in. You might be able to put the other guy (you) on AA here, but it's not definite. Turn is a 5, he's got a boat also. Only AA beats him here. He's fairly likely to stay with it. Then he got lucky, but that's poker.
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I've seen folks busted out of medium buyin MTTs by maniacs hitting bizarre two pairs or trips on the river.
I suck at Hold'em, I suck at Omaha, I suck at Stud and I suck at Tourneys. Yet, I still love poker.
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I had one SnG last week where I was a medium stack (I think 700 or so, fairly early on) and raised with pocket 2's. Can't remember the exact amount or what it was in relation to the blinds -- maybe BB was 50 at this point and I raised with 150? Anyway, everybody folded on my raise except one player who called. Flop came out 2-?-K rainbows, so now I have a set of 2's. Figured this guy had K-Q or something like that, and if I bet the pot I'd be down to 200 chips or so to bet on the turn. We were fairly even on chips, so I went all in, and he called. He had J-J.

Turn was a K, so now I have a full house.

River was a J.

Another SnG after that, I had J-J and raised on the button. Two people called, and flop came out something like 9-6-2. One player went all in, and I immediately thought, "Pocket 9's." So I folded, and the remaining player called. Sure enough, she had pocket 9's and won it. But of course a J came out on the turn.

Good things come to those who raise.
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