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Old Feb 25, 2006, 10:25am   #1
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Default Sometimes you just have to love a donk!

For once the donk wasn't me.

justguessin0 posts blind ($0.25), akusti posts blind ($0.50).

1 fold, -Aces&Faces- calls $0.50, tjidilidu calls $0.50, 1 fold, Lutavuori calls $0.50, 1 fold, Alkaline69 calls $0.50, Corey020 bets $1, 1 fold, everyone calls $0.50.

FLOP [board cards 7C,AS,JD ]
checked to me, Corey020 bets $0.50, akusti calls $0.50, -Aces&Faces- calls $0.50, tjidilidu calls $0.50, 2 fold.

- this is where I get happy. He showed no strength pre-flop, so I ruled out aces. He could be holding 7's, but in that case I would pay off four-of-a-kind.

TURN [board cards 7C,AS,JD,7H ]
akusti bets $1, -Aces&Faces- calls $1, tjidilidu folds, Corey020 bets $2, akusti bets $2, -Aces&Faces- calls $1.05 and is all-in, Corey020 bets $2, akusti calls $1.

RIVER [board cards 7C,AS,JD,7H,9S ]
akusti bets $1, Corey020 bets $2, akusti bets $2, Corey020 bets $2, akusti calls $1.

Corey020 shows [ JS,JH ]
akusti mucks cards [ QC,AC ]
-Aces&Faces- mucks cards [ 7D,5D ]
Corey020 wins $11.90, Corey020 wins $13.90.

At least I can understand Aces&Faces, but akusti is a dumbass. He was involved in several hands like this.
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Old Feb 25, 2006, 12:38pm   #2
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oh no, why is he..damn he hit a SET on the turn.

if you hold Ax aside from A7 you would / might have played the hand like that :-)

oh well grats on the win.

personally i gave up on thinking WHY ppl call down with some kind of hands you d never expect to be there..

they do it. amen
I honestly wish I never clicked on this post. blog
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