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Default Pretty ugly beat at foxwoods this weekend

Im sitting at 1-2 NL and the max you can buy in is 100. im sitting w/ about 170 and this guy at the table (loose aggressive type) is sittng w/ about 400 and the only guy that has me outstacked. and he got there partly by calling an all in w/ 10-3 w/ a J-8-3 board and hit a 10 on the river....other guy had AJ. as i said, loose aggressive.

so the pot in question begins w/ a straddle to $4 by the guy under the gun (not the maniac). i call in middle position w/ KJ suited diamonds. sb calls, bb (the maniac) calls and the straddle guy checks. so four to the flop and i have position.

flop is K-J-9 two spades. checks to me and i bet 15. sb calls, bb guy (maniac) raises to 65 (50 on top). gun folds. so what do i do?? i flopped top two and i have 101 left after the call. so i know this guy will put me all in on turn no matter what hits. plus there is one more guy in the pot, the sb, but he only has about 30 left right now. so if he calls at all hes all in for less, so no major concern. so decide im prob ahead b/c this guy would have raised preflop w/ any set (99,JJ,KK) so the only hand to fear is Q10. which i do have outs agaisnt.

so i decide to push all in- i think i have the best hand esp agaisnt a player like this. guy grimaces so badly so i know i have him. the sb actually calls b/c he said he now had odds to call w/ his draw (A6 spades, turns out). anyway the guy calls pissed off and asks for a J which i would have liked, but instead a 9 hits on the turn and he says 'that will do' so i immediately realize this guy has J-9 and has just sucked out. river is an 8.

i turned my hand over to show him how lucky he was and leave the foxwoods poker room pissed off. turns out agaisnt that guy im 92% to win and have an awesome weekend. douchebag.
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