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The Doyle
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Anyone who calls another player a fish isn't a good player themselves.. It is just self justification for why they lost. Very good players and very bad players both play crap hands, but the very good players know how to play them well.

As for your play, I think the implied odds are very poor, because he has to have a hand that is worth all of his chips if you hit. He can't just go insane with JJ every hand. On the turn, I would definently call that bet since you have the 3,4,5 to win it. His big mistake was limping with JJ and then playing the turn retardedly. I would want to end the hand on the turn and would've bet 4K, not 2 there. The pot is big enought to be worth picking up.

Congrats on the win and hopefully you can learn from the mistakes your opponent made and the questionable mistake you made.
If you don't bet when you suckout, then why did you suckout in the first place?
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Flop Artist
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He probably thought he had the ol' KA234 straight
Just cause I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand.
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Originally Posted by River'd
He probably thought he had the ol' KA234 straight
yeah, must have been it.
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