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Default I am all that is suckout...

I actually tried to steal this pot and got pot committed unintentionally but man, this one makes up for a whole truckload of the suckouts I've had people hit on me.

$50 NL

Ad Tc

3 limpers, I raise $2 on the button, 3 people call.

Flop: 4s 2s 4d

Super loose CO bets $2, I re-raise to $8 with ace high, SB goes AI for $5 more. It's $5 for me to see two cards with a $20 pot, it's likely that he is on a medium pair 66-88 or a flush draw... I've seen worse.

I call.

SB turns over: 4c 3c

4c 3c -- 99.39%
Tc Ad -- 0.61%

Turn: As

River: Ac


"All of the great R+A tournament players I know play like completely donkey maniacs in the first hour just trying to build a stack."

-Ozone, on the technical side of poker
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risky but good call, 2 over cards with 3 to 1 on your $
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