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Yeah 80-20 isnt that bad. It happens fairly often.... Id say about 1 time out of 5
Anyway, with that minraise-call PF, you couldnt be so sure that your overpair was good In my opinion. And after the raise-kinda-bluff on the flop, he cant fold for a few cents more.

Id say find him again and take it back with interests! ( tip of the week )
Originally Posted by rabidcow View Post
crazy thing is is i win money lol. that should be a ray of hope for all newbies
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Look atit the other way then. You said you didn't know why he called you preflop. Would you have been happy if he folded to your re-raise there?

Hopefully, the answer is no. You got him just were you wanted him, risking his entire stack with poor odds. You played the hand perfectly, and by all means let him think he did so too.

The fact that he calls preflop raises with marginal hands is the reason you will steal his money in the longrun. Let's face it, he was in big trouble there on the flop. Just pray that he will do exactly the same over and over.

Unless you can flop the stone cold nuts everytime, this is closest you'll get to a payday in poker.
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