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Default better players = easy money?

I just thought I'd share an insight from one of my fellow micro-limiters.

We've just played a hand; he flopped a set but neglected to bet it, and I ended up rivering a higher set. Pretty retarded. "Nice river" he says. I fire back, "Nice slowplay". And here's where it gets really intriguing. He tells me he didn't bet the flop because "any fish" would have called looking for a draw (there was TQ on the flop). I ask him what he could possibly see in not betting when he has the best hand. "Cutting his losses" he calls it. Because it's stupid to put your money in when you're a 5-1 favourite. I suppose TTT is more profitable against pros because they don't call.
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I don't know why, but I really hate when I'm in a hand and a poker theory discussion comes up on who played the hand properly.

Tell your friend that since he lost, he made the wrong move. Then if he responds, plug your ears and go "LALALALALALALALALALALA"
Why the "it will take so long"-attitude? You'll be playing poker. I suppose you enjoy that, right?
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i love folks who get upset at drawouts when they don't bet or you have the proper odds to chase...

Pockets: KK
example: Flop T77: i bet he calls
Turn: 2: i bet he calls
River:k: i bet he raises, i reraise all in he calls and flips over TT

Then the worst string of profanity i had ever seen. I asked why he didn't bet. his exact words: "i wanted you to catch up a bit to pay me off, dumbass river rat fish" wow.
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Lol. It's the best when people slowplay with nothing like the nuts. Especially when people slowplay AA and get royally boned because they can't put it down when the board comes up Th9h8c7h or somesuch.
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