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Default 95% until the river

Still grumbling about this. Playing in a MTT $10, 26 people in on Planet. First hand, UTG I get JJ. I just limp, and will decided later if
I want to get more involved. its early.

Guy in middle position raises to 130 (10/20 at this point). SB calls and I cap the betting by throwing in another 110.

flop comes J-8-A . rainbow. Checked to me I bet 20 to seed some action. Guy in middle raises to 100, SB calls. I re-raise to 300. MP calls and SB folds. turn is an 8. giving me jacks full. I bet 400, MP calls. The river is an Ace. Can't fathom that an ace hit. I check, he bets 300. I call b/c the pot is so big knowing I am losing. He has A-9

He wins.

After the flop and turn I was 95% favorite. He needs one of two aces to win. he gets it. Typical fish raising with A-9 and then playing his paired ace against large bets and re-raises only to get rewarded.

This is part venting, but my question is - When you hit trips and the board is rainbow especially with an ace- you want to keep the person in - right?
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the best i can say happens...and it happens a lot at these lower limit tournaments, which i play quite a bit...the best that you can do is take the badbeat in stride and know that you're gonna take guy's like this one's money...well 95% of the time....
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This is part venting, but my question is - When you hit trips and the board is rainbow especially with an ace- you want to keep the person in - right?
Yes, unless there has been any evidence that your set is beaten by a higher set (nb - trips is ususally used when the pair is on the board rather than in the hole).

I don't think you'll ever get away from this sort of beat and it's the type that you need to get used to more than any other perhaps. I bumped into two similar hands last night in a $5 MTT. First, I wasn't involved, but someone holding 88 put two others all-in preflop. They flipped KK and JJ respectively. Turn was the 8. Then I went out when I raised my standard x3 the blinds preflop with AKo, called by the BB who had about the same stack as me. Blinds at this stage were 100/200 and we both had about 4.7k sitting mid-pack. Flop was K92. I bet 1/2 pot, he raised all-in. I called, not time to mess around. K9?99?22? No, he had A9. Turn was an A. River his 9.

Point being that time and again, you'll get paid here. Time and again, you'll be the other player, going for broke yourself with the second best hand, only to find out that you were ahead all along. Time and again you'll catch the card yourself when an underdog. There's no getting away from it.
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