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Default Can't believe how stupid people are..

Seriously can't understand how stupid some people can be at this game.

QsQh for me, flop is Qc8h2h I bet huge like 2x pot bet (and had jacked it up preflop), someone reraises me, I go all in (for like $200), they call. Turn is 10h, River is 6h. What does caller have? AhJc wow. Nice one buddy. One of the worst preflop calls I've ever seen; he had no hand and basically no draws. Not to mention I had a fairly tight image.

Very next hand, I have Kd10d, flop comes 2d6dJd, I flop king high flush. I throw out a small bet, get one caller, then get a raiser, I reraise and first caller folds, second guy (raiser) calls. Turn is random trash, 5c or something, and I push all in (since they didn't push any further on the flop I didn't think they had a made flush, or a very high one), they instantly call. River comes 8d making four diamonds on board.

What does he turn over this hand? Ad8s. Nice call once again buddy. He called $200 again with basically 7 outs, 14% chance to catch it.

I was absolutely in disbelief at both of these hands; the guy that made these calls knew I was playing fairly tight, and I thought he was too, then he makes these wild calls with nothing but a hope and a prayer.

Ya, ya I know these are the kinds of people I want to play with because they make ridiculous calls and are +EV in the long run, too po'ed right now to play againt the kid anymore for the day.

/end rant, lol
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