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Default Odds defying consecutive hands

Wonder what the odds of this one are- having a great night at a $25 no-limit table and am up over $40 in under 2 hours. Get dealt pocket kings in late position and put out a 5X BB raise. Guy in BB goes all-in for like $12ish. I call, and the BB flips over 7/7. Flop comes 7/8/8 and I get outdrawn. No big deal, it happens, I’m over it.

The very next hand, I get dealt K/K again. Now in mid-position, I raise it to about 6X BB. Everyone behind me folds, and the person I just lost too (in the SB now) goes all-in for $25. Everyone else folds, and its back to me. I think “fantastic, time to get my money back” and call. What does the small blind have? 7/7 again.

I begin to chuckle slightly at the irony of the situation, only to have that chuckle catch in my throat as a 7 comes on the flop. No help comes and my profits for the evening flush away.

After this I sat there in stunned silence, trying to contemplate that we both had the same hand two straight hands, both went all-in before the flop, and the 20% favorite outdrew the 80% both times. Rough. I realize its +EV to play with people like this and I’ve added that person to my buddy list to someday hopefully get that money back.
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That's kinda crazy, don't usually catch the same hand twice in a row let alone having someone else also catch the same hand twice in a row along with you.

This kinda crap happens though...

I was playing $100NL earlier today, was up about +$200 in an hour, and I get dealt KQ suited.

I fire off a 6x preflop raise, get one caller.

Flop comes KQ2, I bet 10xBB and get a flat caller.
Next card's an A, I bet 25xBB, get flat called.
Next card's another A; which totally screws me, now I only have Aces and Kings. I bet 20xBB or so and the guy calls, I really wasn't sure if he even had an ace considering he called my flop bet.

What's he turn over? A4 offsuit.

He calls my preflop raise with a trash hand, my flop bet with no pair or draw, my turn bet with what is now top pair + terrible kicker, and goes on to win the hand.
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