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Default Venting frustration

Ok, I realise you guys all have had this happen to you, but I just need to get this off my chest;

Playing 50 player sit'n'go on Partypoker, $22 buy-in. Been playing these tournaments now for a couple of months, and I'm starting to get reasonably good, at least enough to be in the black.

I've just read Harrington on Hold'Em (1 & 2), *highly* recommended btw, and this was one of my first games after my newly found knowledge!

About 25 players left, I have 7500 chips in my stack, tournament average is 5000, and I'm currently 4th. Pretty good, decent chance of reaching the final table and getting some money.

I get TT in late position, all fold before me. BLinds are 100/200, I put in a good sized bet of 800. BB calls. Pot is 1700.
Flop is 4,6,9 rainbow. Pretty good for a pair of tens if you ask me.
But then BB goes all in for his remaining 5000 or so chips.

Now, before reading Harrington I probably would have folded this, preferring to not take risks and live to fight another day; putting him on trips.
But now I know that if you have trips in this position nearly every player would slow-play, even beginners would know to slow-play this. So clearly he's trying to bully me out of the pot, and I assume he has two high cards.
So I call.

He flips over A9. I was right, I feel I have learned some good poker!

That lasted the fraction of a second partypoker allows before dealing more cards. Turn is A, and just to put the nail in the coffin river is 9. He gets a full house and runs away with nearly all my chips.


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That is harsh my friend.

But as Harrington (he is God) would say, you made the correct play and that is all that counts.
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