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It begins once again...

I have KsKc

Player 1 bets 4xBB
I reraise to 10xBB
Player 2 calls my bet
Player 1 calls

Flop comes 7d 5d 5s
Player 1 checks
I bet 3/4 pot size, (22xBB or something)
Player 2 CALLS
Player 1 CALLS (wtf? ok.. )

Turn comes 10d (great!)
Player 1 checks
I bet 1/2 pot bet (if I get reraised I figure I'm done)
Player 2 calls
Player 1 folds (Now I'm really confused by player 1)

River comes 2d (Alright 4 diamonds on deck, and I have none)

Based on the fact that Player 2 just flat called me on the turn I'm not convinced he even has a diamond and I don't want to believe he has a 5 considering I reraised to 10xBB preflop. I'm obviously not in any kind of strong position here. Single diamond beats me, 5 beats me, fullhouse is possible so really I'm beat to almost anything.

I decide to put a play on him here though since I really have doubts about the way he's timidly played the hand just calling every bet.

I shoot out a 3/4 pot bet and hope I'm right and that he has no diamonds and can't call this.

He calls almost instantly.

He turns over 5 3 offsuit, no diamonds, for three fives.

Honestly crap like this drives me insane. Sure I can see people calling large preflop bets with suited connectors hoping to break a large pocket pair or something on a good flop; but 35o? What the hell can you hope to hit with a 3 & 5 offsuit, and then go on to call large bets on a 4 flush board? Anyway I marked this guy down as a total donkey/dipshit but still...

Then after this the guy thinks he's the best player in the world, getting all sorts of congratulations on "a great play" and "amazing call" "one of the best anyones ever seen in the poker world" from half the table.
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Careful....some people play that way...although 53o might not be the exact hand some people raise with 54s as a steal, then a recognized TAG player (such as yourself) makes a reraise then its easy to put you on a hand (JJ+, AK) and the thinking goes "if I can hit the shit out of this flop then I'm getting all his money" which then they proceed to call and flop said trips.

I remember an article where Hellmuth (even him) did that same play and called 54s to someone else's QQ....of course in classic Hellmuth style, QQ redrew on him
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