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Default How is poker this rigged?

I'm really, really pissed off. Really pissed off.

I can't actually express how pissed off I am.

2nd in chips in the last 20 of my dollar tourney, Inspired by MRV, looking to make my first FT... then three consecutive hands:

Hand number 1, folded round to me with K8 in the SB. I raise 4x, called. Flop 358, I bet, bet, check and he checks to show T7o for the runner-runner flush.

Hand number 2, KK vs JJ, board AQTxK

Hand number 3, 55 vs 9T, board 9TxxT for the last of my chips.

I'd be less pissed off if I hadn't missed a final table last night with AA losing to Q9o.
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1st hand sucked, 2nd hand seen it enough times not to worry about, 3rd hand, small pair versus over cards - 50/50, how many times does that happen.

luck of the draw (or unluck) on getting those hands one after another
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Default First hand???

Was the first hand a battle of the blinds?
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